Review: Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Comic Book

The seven main characters from Dream Daddy sit, stand and lounge together as they have a bbq

This book will give you FEELS.

If you’ve never heard of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, where have you been? The game first took the internet by storm back in 2017, thanks to its charming graphics, supportive YouTube community, and frankly adorable main cast. The latest addition to the extended universe brings us five stand-alone stories focusing on different dads, their kids, and their relationships with one another.

Based on the visual novel of the same name (where players dialogue choices would determine which character they could end up with, as well as how their relationship with their daughter would turn out), the latest collection of short comics brings back our favourite beautifully drawn guys and their adorable kids.

Set in a cul-de-sac in Maple Bay (where, conveniently, plenty of other hot, single dads live), Dream Daddy provides fans and new readers alike with even warmer, fluffy stories about their favourite characters from the game.

Charming, sweet, fluffy, with a surprising amount of feels and a consistent comedic undertone, the stories are surprisingly deep in places. A great slice-of-life comic, one of the biggest appeals for me with this comic collection is that it feels like mainstream romance. While I love LGBT+ romance stories that focus on big issues, it’s great to read a graphic novel that focuses more on the love, relationships and everyday antics of the characters.

With rounded characters and colourful artwork, you’ll probably get the most out of Dream Daddy if you’ve already played the game. While overall amazing, in one place in particular, it does fall into the ‘and it was all a dream’ cliche that, in my opinion, feels cheap and overused (but honestly? It’s a minor point in an otherwise charming volume).

I’d recommend Dream Daddy for Damien’s story alone (it’s pure fluff, delight and hilarity, and you should read it. Right now.) If you’re looking for a book filled with sweet friendships, family dynamics, and beautiful, quirky men just being themselves, this could be the book for you.

Dream Daddy: a Dad Dating Comic Book by Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw
Graphic novel, LGBTQ+
Available in paperback
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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