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Review: Farmhand Volume 1

An intriguing premise, bright, distinct artwork, and a gruesome but comedic undertone, Farmhand Volume One has a lot going for…

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Review: Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin

Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin is based on one of those webcomics that you immediately recognise (though you totally…

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Review: Blissful Land Volume 1

Blissful Land – volume one is a slow-paced, historical slice of life manga with romantic undertones. Set in 18th century Tibet,…

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Review: Pink Hair and Other Terrible Ideas

Josephine has typical pre-teen worries around best friends, first crushes, and family problems, when she gets the news that her…

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Review: Smashed

I’m going to be honest: Junji Ito is one of my all-time favourite authors, so I may be a little…

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Review: Pilu of the Woods

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Pilu of the Woods is a charming, full-colour graphic novel that tells the story of Willow,…

Cover image for Dreamin Sun Volume 1; Shimana Kameko stands facing forward, a big smile on her face
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Review: Dreamin’ Sun (Volume 1)

The first part in Ichigo Takano’s Dreamin’ Sun series is equal parts sweet, silly, and touching. From the author of…

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Writer’s block: identifying what’s holding you back

Over the past couple of months, I’ve hit somewhat of a wall when it comes to working on my own…

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Rediscovering that spark of creativity

I’m a bit of an all or nothing kind of gal. Whether it’s binging the latest must-watch series (and it’s…

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Letters from the acceptance pile: Written, Never Spoken

Earlier this month, my first-ever poetry submission to a…well, anything, was accepted for outright publication with a small magazine’s website….