Letters from the acceptance pile: Written, Never Spoken

Earlier this month, my first-ever poetry submission to a…well, anything, was accepted for outright publication with a small magazine’s website. I was pretty excited when I heard back. I deliberately picked a smaller publication that was actively seeking publication, in hopes that I would perhaps gain feedback, or would at least be more likely to have my submission read, as their submissions pile should theoretically be smaller.

It took a couple of weeks to hear back (that’s pretty quick compared to past experiences with nonfiction submissions and pitches I’ve made in the past), but there weren’t any notes on things being edited or cut down; just a go-live date. When things did go live, a was a little disappointed to see that they reformatted the layout, but didn’t tweak the punctuation to match the new layout/format they had put it into. The capitalisation now looks all over the place to me, so I’m not entirely sure how well it reads.

Still, this is a learning curve for me: make sure you are 100% happy with the length and formatting before you submit. If you’re unsure if it may be a bit long or may need condensing, play around with it first to try and avoid any need for changes that may look a little…odd later.

You can check out my short piece, Written, Never Spoken over on Harness Magazine now.
Do you prefer to submit to smaller or larger publications? Are there any particular you would recommend, or avoid? I’d really love to hear more about other people’s experiences. Comment below, or find me on twitter at: @LostStacks

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