I’m just your typical millennial blogger-writer-reviewer, with a passion for all things book-related. By day, I chase bylines in blogs, magazines, and websites. Every other waking moment, I can pretty much always be found reading, thinking about reading, planning what to read next, or (on very rare occasions) actually working on my own writing.

What is it?

Lost in the Stacks is a bookish-blog focusing on book reviews, articles, as well as writing tips and the odd original piece of fiction. A new article can be expected each Thursday, with book reviews scattered throughout the week as, well, I finish reading them.

What should I expect?

Reviews, articles, listicles, occasional fangirlish tangents…the odd gif (that’s GIF as in gift without the t. I will fight you), and my often hit-and-miss sense of humour.

What genres do you review?

A bit of everything, it depends on what’s coming up and what I’m in the mood for. Horror, manga (romance, romantic comedy, slice-of-life), and YA are three of my favourite genres, so expect plenty of articles and reviews around these areas.

I’m also a huge fan of positive depictions of mental health, autism, and wellbeing in fiction for any age; I am always 100% up for checking out books, graphic novels, manga, zines, or doodles that show these subjects in an honest but positive light.

You said ‘writer’ in there somewhere…

Sssh. Quiet. The muses are hiding. I am a terrible person who has a fear of failure; my WIP’s are gathering serious dust (both original and fandom works).

My goals (for now) centre around keeping a regular blogging schedule, entering a few more short story competitions, and submitting my shorter work to magazine publications for now. Future-me will be thankful when I’ve taken the time to re-develop good writing habits that I can apply to a bigger project.

Who made your profile art?

Yay thank you for asking! The amazing art-person, tea-drinking, shameless nerd queen Emma Peddie drew the portrait for me 😭 You should totally check out her awesome stuff over on twitter | instagram (like, right now~ seriously. Go).

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