Review: Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin

Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin is based on one of those webcomics that you immediately recognise (though you totally can’t remember the name of it) and have probably seen pop up in your Facebook feed at least a dozen times over the past year. 

Featuring 200 of the diary comics from artist Sarah Graley (drawn between 2012-15) about Sarah, Steff, and their four adorkable cats, Graley’s latest book shares some of her most popular comics in one handy coffee table book.

Sweet and funny and, well, just all-around awesome to be honest, Graley’s comics embody that brutal honest-but-ridiculously-in-love kind of relationship that you only get once you’ve experienced it yourself. 

If you’re a fan of her webcomic, you’ll probably love this book. If you haven’t come across Graley’s comic online before…where have you been. Go and binge-read them now.

If you’re in a geeky relationship and you fall even vaguely within the millennial age range, you’re going to find some (if not most) of these short comic strips relatable.

Our Super Adventure: Press Start to Begin by Sarah Graley
Comic, Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-life
Available in hardback | on kindle
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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