Review: Farmhand Volume 1

An intriguing premise, bright, distinct artwork, and a gruesome but comedic undertone, Farmhand Volume One has a lot going for it.

Writer Ezekiel returns home near his family’s farm after an unspecified fallout with his father years earlier, his wife and two children in tow. The Jenkins Family Farm is now a ‘Farmaceutical Institute’ where the family business is in growing crops of human organs, limbs, teeth, and more.

Filled with humorous dialogue and characters, we quickly discover there may be more of a sinister undertone to the farm’s seemingly good intentions. 

Encompassing the first five comic issues of Farmhand, despite this multi-issue inclusion, Volume One still feels like it doesn’t quite get off the starting block. We have so many strands of stories being introduced, alongside countless characters who we don’t have the space and time dedicated to letting us get to know them better…it leaves us feeling like we’ve barely got started as the first volume comes to a close, and readers are bound to lose track of some of the plot threads that are started but remain (within this volume) unexplored. 

Along with the slow pacing in places, fairly early on, we have an awful ‘and it was all a dream…or was it?’ cliché that at this point, can’t help but seem cheap and overdone. 

Overall, an intriguing (if slow) read, with a great premise and a strong blend of comedy and sci-fi/horror elements. I look forward to reading the next volume. 

Farmhand Volume 1: Reap What Was Sown by Rob Guillory and Taylor Wells
Graphic Novel, Sci-fi
Available in paperback | on kindle
Rating ⭐⭐

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