Review: Coyote Doggirl

Weird, anti-climactic, but… kind of good?

A friend who knows I love graphic novels highly recommended Coyote Doggirl so I thought I’d give it a shot. From the outset, you know you’re in for a quirky ride as Coyote shares her wishlest – ‘pleasure saddle’ included.

Funny throughout with unexpectedly dark themes intertwined, the artwork and underlying themes feel like they are let down a little by the dialogue. In places (particularly the opening sections), it feels like there is a lot of expositional telling us things, rather than showing us or allowing us to discover more through actions, graphics, or plot developments.

Coyote Doggirl herself is weird but awesome. She’s relatable, with surprising depth once you get past the initially silly facade. You can’t help but grow to understand and respect her (particularly her devotion to Red, her horse).

In your face with both brash and adult themes in places, these never feel forced but rather fit well within the overall tone. A strange, kind of fun read overall? I wouldn’t particularly recommend it, but I wouldn’t warn others off either.

Coyote Doggirl by Lisa Hanawalt
Graphic novel
Available in hardback
Rating ⭐⭐⭐

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